Push Back Racks Kansas City

Use Push Back Racking Equipment for Storage & Inventory Management

Push back racks have been a favorite of ours for many years! With this storage system, your warehouse will be able to store pallets on either side of the aisles, giving you a more compact, and more organized storage system. With push back racks, you’ll also gain the ability to stack your products on top of one another. Push back racking will also give you the ability to store more pallets in the same amount of space than you be able to with other forms of racking storage! Contact us today to get a quote on a new or used push back racking system, and start making better use of your warehouse space!

Here’s How Our Racking Systems Will Benefit Your Warehouse:

  1. Increased Storage Density
  2. Speedy Operation
  3. Increased Accuracy and Selectivity

Industrial Storage Solutions for the Kansas City Area

Curious about how a push back racking system works? A pushback rack system contains a pair of rails and carts that are nested together. The first cart will be loaded by a forklift on the top rail. When the forklift returns with another load, you’ll be able to push back the first cart, moving it out of the way so that you can place the second cart on the middle rail. Similarly, you’ll be able to load the 3rd cart and place it on the bottom rail by pushing back the second cart. Thats it! Your inventory is now organized in a way that is easy to load and unload!

When it comes to loading and unloading your inventory, it doesn’t get better than our push back rack system. Push back racking is one of the fastest inventory management and storage systems out there. Additionally, with a push back rack system, you’ll have the ability to store different products in the same aisle, reducing the possibility of potential damage. Push back rack systems also makes stocking easier because each level can hold a different product.

We Offer New and Used Push Back Racking Equipment

Kansas City pallet racking also specializes in used storage equipment. We have a variety of used storage systems in-stock and ready for immediate shipment! Contact us today to find the best used pallet racking equipment at unbelievably low prices!

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