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Pallet shuttles were strategically designed to help improve operations in a high-density, fast moving warehouse environment. With these storage systems, you’ll be able to move large volumes of pallets through your warehouse much more efficiently than you would with a traditional storage setup.

Pallet shuttles are a type of automated storage that use shuttle carts instead of conveyors. Each shuttle can be remotely controlled by an operator who can schedule their individual movements ahead of time, making it very adaptable to the specific needs of your warehouse. Moreover, the fact that these shuttles are able to move on their own means that your warehouse can work continuously, which will drastically increase your rate of productivity, and decrease the hefty labor costs associated with running a non-automated warehouse.

Using A Pallet Shuttle Will Improve Warehouse Operations In These Ways:

  1. Increase warehouse efficiency
  2. Increase warehouse space
  3. reduce risks of workplace accidents
  4. Move higher volumes of pallets

There are many great benefits that come from using a pallet shuttle system. One thing you’ll notice after installing a shuttle is that you’ll be able to reduce the majority of your forklift operations. With a pallet shuttle, your pallets will be transferred in and out of storage automatically, regardless of the type of warehouse you have. If your warehouse uses a multi-level storage design, the shuttle can be programmed to transfer pallets vertically, making it fully adaptable to your needs. This means that your forklifts will be able to focus exclusively on loading and unloading items at the shipping dock; any other warehouse activities can be completed using the pallet shuttle.

Our Storage Solutions & Pallet Shuttles Will Work With Any Warehouse!

Whether you have a high-volume warehouse, need to transfer perishable goods in cold temperatures, or want a highly automated system to improve the efficiency of you warehouse, we can help! Our team of experts have many years of experience working with pallet shuttles and pallet runners. We have helped many businesses improve the space and efficiency of their warehouses by helping them find and install the perfect storage system for their needs. If you want to learn more about installing a pallet shuttle, or any other type of automated storage equipment, feel free to give our office a call!

We Offer New and Used Pallet Shuttle Equipment Throughout Kansas City!

Kansas City pallet racking also specializes in used storage equipment. We have a variety of used storage systems in-stock and ready for immediate shipment! Contact us today to find the best used pallet racking equipment at unbelievably low prices!

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